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Why Choose

RxCare Alliance

Health care coverage is one of the largest annual expenses employers face with estimates ranging from 10% to 30% of an organization’s operating budget. 

Pharmacy expenses drive these growing costs. Drug prices – set by market monopolies – are projected to rise 7% year after year, forcing employers to make a difficult choice: how to control these runaway costs without compromising their employees’ coverage. 

In this tumultuous climate, employers have discovered relief with the innovative, cost-saving strategies and programs provided by RxCare Alliance.


As the drug industry continually evolves, RxCare Alliance provides expertise and support to strategically navigate new challenges as they arise, ensuring members receive the best possible prescription drug coverage.


Our commitment is to you, the customer, and we always provide the following:

  • Aggressive and transparent pricing guaranteed to lower plan costs.

  • Dedicated member service team with on-staff clinical expertise.

  • No membership or per prescription fees.

  • We never charge consulting fees.

  • No long-term contract commitments and no early termination penalties.

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